Womens BoxFit

Champion’sWomen’s BoxFit classes are an hour of strength and conditioning drills combined with boxing and kickboxing. This isn’t Taebo! Real MMA drills, one-on-one mitt work and combat cardio conditioning will transform your body in time for summer bikini weather.  One class can burn twice the number of calories as an hour on a treadmill, but more importantly BOXING IS FUN! Increase your strength, stamina and coordination and relieve daily stress to see an overall improvement in your lifestyle. Call for pricing and information or stop by to try out a class on us.

Women’s BoxFit classes are held Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30.


Q: What do I need to get started?

A: Just put on your workout clothes, grab a bottle of water and show up. We have sanitized boxing gloves and shin guards to get you started. We can also answer any questions you have about buying equipment as you continue BoxFit.

 Q: What if I’ve never boxed before?

A: BoxFit is for any skill level, whether you’ve boxed before or not. We start with a strong foundation on technique, and since BoxFit classes include one-on-one mit work, our coaches can cater to each student’s skill level during the group class. Even if you don’t currently workout, as long as you’re healthy enough for moderate physical activity, you can start BoxFit at your own pace and increase intensity as your fitness levels increase. (Please note: Consult your physician to be sure you are healthy enough to begin a fitness workout like BoxFit..)

Q: What can I expect during class?

A: Every class is a little different, but we basically begin with a cardio circuit warm up before beginning boxing and kickboxing drills. Participants will work individually with coaches on the mitts as well as bagwork. Classes end with a cool down which includes ab-work.