Champions Trainers

Coach Jon Dye – Owner

Coach Jon is a life-long athlete and proponent of physical fitness. After discovering boxing during his time at the University of Alabama, Jon graduated and began training under Curt McCune. Years later, Jon would move into MMA fighting after meeting a promoter who asked him to step into the cage. He would eventually seek to hone his skills with some of the best talent in the country, including Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu Academy founder Mark Laimon and Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and fighters at Xtreme Couture. Eventually, while discussing the numerous injuries he had sustained during this career in MMA, Jon was asked if he's ever considered coaching. Soon after, Jon began coaching Walt Harris--a highly-accomplished who, under Jon's coaching, made it all the way to the UFC . The rest is history. He decided to open a gym – Champions Freestyle MMA -- and the potential fighters started pouring in.